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  • 10 2020-11
    Plastic Bottle Manufacturing Process

    2. Production conditions (process parameters) 2.1. Bottle Injection Blow Molding 2.1.1. Injection Blowing Equipment: SZC Plastic Injection Blowing Hollow Molding Machine 2.1.2. Injection and blowing process conditions Heating temperature: 185~245°C Heating time: 30 minutes Blowing pressure: 0.9~1.25MPa Pre-molding time: 1~3 S mold closing time: 1~2 S Blowing time: 1~2 S Holding time: 2~4 S Cooling time: 1~2 S 2.2. Bottle cap injection molding 2.2.1. Injection Molding Equipment: FT-1307 Plastic Injection Molding Machine Process conditions Temperature of Injection Molding Sections Barrel temperature: 180-240°C Pre-plastic pressure: 6.0~7.5MPa Injection pressure: 4~6MPa Holding time: 1~2 S Injection time: 2 ~ 4 s. Cooling time: 2~4 S 3. Operating Steps 3.1. Bottle Making Operation Steps 3.1.1 batch: accurately weigh the raw materials according to the formula, add the weighed high density polyethylene and polyethylene color masterbatch into the mixer in turn, and…

  • 10 2020-11
    Analysis of Plastic Bottle’s Shape and Process

    Pharmaceutical plastic bottles should have sufficient rigidity and beautiful appearance to attract users’ eyes in appearance and ensure that consumers can have numerous choices and usability in use. The most common shapes of medical plastic bottles are round, square, oval, etc. From the perspective of use, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Circular plastic bottles have high rigidity, but their appearance is not beautiful. Square plastic bottles are beautiful in appearance, but it is difficult to control the uniform wall thickness of plastic bottles during molding. Pharmaceutical plastic bottles should be well controlled and designed in production, manufactured and produced according to a certain production and processing technology, and have good performance and function, which can fully display important value in the industry. 1) When the surface of medical plastic bottles is labeled, the labeling surface shall be smooth. One can be designed on the surface of the plastic…

  • 10 2020-11
    Application of Plastic Bottle in Physical Experiment

    Plastic bottles are very common items in life and are often treated as garbage. I often use plastic bottles in physics teaching. Using them to make teaching aids and guide students to do some physics experiments can close the relationship between physics and life, further make students feel “from life to physics, from physics to society”, thus realizing the relationship between natural science, society and life. At the same time, it also cultivates students’ creativity, imagination and strong interest in physics. It can also cultivate the awareness of environmental protection. I have created and collected some self-made teaching aids and designed experiments using plastic bottles, mainly from two aspects: first, the experiments directly using plastic bottles in physics teaching; The second is the experiment of improving plastic bottles. I. experiments that can be completed by directly using plastic bottles ? 1. Acoustics: Put some small paper scraps in the plastic…

  • 10 2020-11
    The Wonderful Use of Plastic Bottles

    The Wonderful Use of Plastic Bottles Plastic bottles are usually regarded as waste products. If they are used rationally, they can be turned into valuables. In general, plastic bottles are divided into plastic bottles with nozzles and plastic bottles with caps. Plastic bottle with nozzle means that a nozzle is installed at the bottle mouth of the plastic bottle. When the nozzle is pressed hard, the pressure in the bottle changes and the liquid in the bottle is ejected from the nozzle. Common plastic bottles with spray heads include bottles containing hand sanitizer, detergent, shampoo and shower gel. Plastic bottles with covers are ordinary plastic bottles, including beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, etc. Plastic bottles in life are usually disposable and become rubbish after they are used up, which causes environmental pollution and waste of resources. If it can be used rationally and its effect can be brought into full…

  • 10 2020-11
    What are the Uses of Automatic Calibration Plastic Quick-release Spray Nozzles?

    What are the uses of automatic calibration plastic quick-release spray nozzles?Quick-release spray nozzle spray nozzle quick-release spray nozzle The overall structure design of the plastic quick-release nozzle is novel and scientific, the nozzle body and the nozzle can be quickly separated, you can remove the nozzle from the nozzle body only by rotating the nozzle 90 degrees by hand, and no tools are needed, thus the maintenance downtime can be obviously reduced, and the nozzle is automatically prepared and positioned; The plastic quick-release nozzle all-round nozzle has an internal device stop block, so that the nozzle can be locked in the correct position after being loaded into the nozzle body, thus avoiding time-consuming manual adjustment, ensuring complete calibration every time installation, eliminating quality control problems caused by calibration errors, and resisting chemical corrosion and abrasion? 1. Automatic calibration plastic quick-release spray nozzle is composed of plastic quick-release main body (fixed…

  • 10 2020-11
    How to Select Nozzle?

    How to Select Nozzle? 1) Introduction of Nozzle There are many kinds of nozzles and a wide range of choices. Generally speaking, the specific types of nozzles include: narrow-angle nozzle, wide-angle nozzle, combined sector nozzle, single sector nozzle, self-cleaning sector nozzle, flat sector nozzle, dovetail sector nozzle, clip-on sector nozzle, quick-release sector nozzle, side-spray sector nozzle and universal sector nozzle. The factors of nozzle selection include flow rate, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact force, temperature, material, application, etc. These factors are often interrelated and mutually restricted. Flow rate is proportional to pressure, spray angle is proportional to coverage. The injection purpose of any nozzle is to keep the bath liquid in contact with the workpiece continuously. Flow rate is more important than pressure. The temperature of the liquid will not affect the spray performance of the nozzle, but it will affect the viscosity and specific gravity, and also affect the…